Science fiction

Science fiction fans will love this section.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and Yoda welcome you in the main hall of the Museum along with several other characters of the famous saga of George Lucas. There are statues, busts and  scale models of characters and ships of Star Wars:  visitors will discover once again the wonders of this movie.

The busts represent faithfully the mythic characters and Darth Vader statue, signed by actor Dave Pawes, in limited edition, complete this wonderful scenery.

If you raise your eyes towards the ceiling, you will find the scale model of one of the spaceships of the film. The most famous. 🙂

AliDSC_0637en: There are rumors about the production of Alien 5 movie. Well, waiting to see Sigourney Weaver, aka Ellen Ripley, struggling in another space adventure, you can spend the waiting time refreshing your memory (unless you’re among those who watch Alien saga every week, and there are many, believe us) and soak up the atmosphere of the movie by visiting the room dedicated to this saga, with the full-scale reproduction of the alien spaceship!

You will find Alien at the entrance, as well as scale models of tools and weapons used in the movie.

In the corner of the room you will find the full scale bust, perhaps  too real, one of the most bitter enemies of Alien, Predator.

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