Waiting For Star Wars

Cine Ciak – International Museum of Genoa



Themed party to celebrate the release of "the Awakening of the force"


What's better than a themed party to celebrate the release in Italy of the highly anticipated episode of Star Wars, "the awakening of the force?".

For this Cine Ciak – International Museum of Genoa, in collaboration with RadioGenovaCity, has organized "waiting for Star Wars" a unique evening with games, quizzes, music awards!

The location is of course the Museum of St. Marcellin 6/2: between the life-size statue of Darth Vader and Yoda, dominated by the Millennium Falcon and observed by busts of a dark Darth Maul and a worried C-3PO, and numerous other characters in miniature of the famous saga, attendees will toast the new episode in a unique place , the best way to celebrate this event awaited by millions of people around the world!

The event is scheduled for Saturday, 12 December, a week before the Big Day, at 20 hours in the Museum in St. Marcellin 6/2.

Participants will present their favorite transvestite Star Wars (the disguise is not required): at the end of the evening will be awarded the best costume!

Entertainment is by Carlo RadioGenovacity drills that will delight the audience with music, games and quizzes about famous saga. And the awards do not end here! For the real fans there will be evidence of tests: Dub a "historical" part of one of the episodes!

To give some clue, Cine Ciak will publish in the coming days on their Facebook page some of the "historical" scenes that participants will be challenged to dub.

Everything will be completed by a tasty aperitif!

The party is limited and can be accessed only by appointment by calling 3,394,637,510 or writing to info@cineciak.info.

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