They talk about us!

On The 19th century now, under "Sottocasa", came out a nice article that talks about the impending opening of the second part of Cine Ciak-International Museum of Cinema in Genoa.

The journalist has managed to uncover some parts of this, we could call it, "second time", a bit like at the cinema. In 150 square meters the two curators, the brothers James and Julius Giambelluca, have reproduced articles and small sets of ben 45 films that have shaped the history of cinema.

The collection is so large, and the desire to show it is so strong, that the two brothers have created a second completely different part from the first Museum, even richer objects, busts and environments to suit all. In this new part will be also our discomfort during our stay toddlers!

But we go further with explanations, we don't want to spoil the surprise! 🙂


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